"I think, really, for someone to find beauty anywhere, it means that they find beauty in themselves."   –KEITH JACKSON

Accessiblity • Empowerment • Creativity • Collaboration •
Community • Non-judgement • Cultural Equity
Public Empowerment

Expand access to creative activities through partnerships with local organizations, events and arts spaces

Open Studio

Free open art studio opportunities at spaces accessible to the public.


Personal and professional development workshops in the arts and more.


Art exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, public dialogues and forums


Community resource for services, information, projects and more



The creative platform of Studio 526 (formerly Lamp Arts Program), has proved to be a model that has successfully put our mission in practice for many years. Under the innovative and collaborative leadership style of the program’s coordinators (Rory White, founder of Lamp Arts Program, 1999; Hayk Makhmuryan, since 2008), for two days a week, Studio 526 (formerly Lamp Arts Program) has provided an open studio for artists in the Skid Row Neighborhood that offers comprehensive arts services built on grassroots community members’ engagement in artistic projects.


If access to arts and cultural spaces is a fundamental human right… then, just like the daily necessity of food, water, and shelter… art spaces must be accessible on a daily basis. So we asked ourselves one question…how can we build on the successful model of Studio 526 to provide more access to comprehensive arts services so that the opportunities for creative expression on Skid Row can one day match the existing talent of its community members?


We have experienced and witnessed firsthand, and therefore believe in the power of art to spark imagination into what is possible, not just for individuals but for entire communities and neighborhoods. Studio 526 has been doing this successfully for a long time. It is time we expand on this and increase access to more people and more widely.

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